Monday, December 31, 2012

Fun (Winter Wonderland Take Two)

It's the 31st! That means today is the last day of 2012--and the last day of the photo challenge. 

It's been a pretty mellow New Year's Eve. Today we had our first real snow of the winter. It didn't stick but it was quite pretty and enjoyable (fun?) to watch.  I wasn't sure how to title this post. The snow was fun to see, but somehow that title "fun" makes me think of a New Year's Party, sparklers, something like that. I don't have any shots like that so share, though, so here's some pictures of our little backyard winter wonderland.

We also enjoyed watching the birds in our backyard. 



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  1. Happy New Year! It's been fun to see your December Photo Challenge blogs. And now that I found your blog again, I'll be sure to follow it. :)