Thursday, November 12, 2009

Water and Light

Rain and light--what a beautiful combination designed by the perfect Artist.

This little leaf was on our deck, and it caught my eye.  I used Photoshop to make the background black and white.

The rest of these photos were taken around sunset last Saturday, which some of you may remember was really stormy. 

In addition to this lovely rainbow on the east side of the house, there was this incredible golden glow towards the west.  It didn't look quite like the pictures do, but it was pretty amazing! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reformation Celebration

Our church Reformation Celebration was last Friday. It was a great evening, we really enjoyed the music, lectures, and play that made up the program for the evening. The play was on John Calvin, who was born 500 years ago this year. Christina had the opportunity to direct the play this year, and she asked me to take pictures at the dress rehearsal. So here are some of my favorites.

This was probably my favorite scene. Calvin and Farel are having a heated argument about whether Calvin will stay in Geneva to help Farel in his ministry.

Farel makes a point for why Calvin should stay. But Calvin says he's not staying...



The curse upon Calvin's rest and labors, since he has refused to help Farel. But Calvin changes his mind a few moments later.

The "mob scene"--angry Genevans threaten Calvin and Farel

Farel and Calvin

Calvin sees the new edition of his Institutes