Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beach-treat 2016

At the end of February I had the great blessing of hanging out for two nights at Fort Stevens State Park with some of my dear girlfriends. We had so much fun and loved staying in the cute little cabins at Fort Stevens. I posted my "people pictures" on Facebook, but I also took more "artsy" photos that I would like to put up here.

The view out our front door!

The Peter Iredale and the ocean! There is something so exciting about just being at the beach--even if it's chilly and windy.

A very water-logged trail! Don't worry, we didn't attempt to use it.

So much foam! 

Little bird footprints. :-)

Driftwood texture.

Sunset on our last night was beautiful!

The very best of the jumping pictures. :-)

On our last morning we checked out the south jetty. The waves were pretty awesome!