Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cape Lookout

I know I kind of disappeared again, but I have something to talk about now! This might as well be a travel blog since I'm most likely to post soon after I've gone somewhere. (And sometimes I haven't really gone anywhere for a while...hence the silence.)

Last weekend we went back down to Cape Lookout where we had the church campout last August. We stayed in one of the three cabins they have there in addition to the yurts and normal camping spots. The cabins are kind of off by themselves, which is nice. They're set back in the woods a bit but you can still see the ocean from the windows. They're very small, but they each have a full bath and a little kitchen area. There's no stove or oven, though, so our cooking options were the microwave and the gas grill. We decided to take advantage of the grill and have steak dinner.

We were hoping we would get to experience a big storm while we were there, but the first day actually ended up being fairly nice. It started to rain overnight, but overall the weather was pretty mild. It was great trip.

That's Cape Lookout proper in the background of this picture.

A winter ocean.

Our little cabin.

I thought the bench on the porch was a nice touch.

I think the inside is so cozy looking. They're real log cabins and I love the natural wood walls and ceiling.