Monday, October 7, 2013

San Francisco!

We had one last adventure in September. Christina and I went down to San Francisco with two of our good friends. We had a great time, but we were also really tired by the time we finished. We walked a lot!

We rode the BART to downtown San Fran from the airport. We started out by riding the cable car from near the BART station down to Fisherman's Wharf area.

I really enjoyed the architecture in San Fran.

The cable car turn-around at Market and Powell, where we got on. To get on you have to wait in a huge line, but this is really the only place you're sure to get on, as the cable cars tend to be full at all the other stops. It's literally a turn-around--they manually spin the trolleys around to send them back down the line in the other direction.

The turn-around is sectioned off with a cable and the line forms all the way from the trolley stop (on the right side) around to the other side of the track (on the left).

We waited, and finally had our own turn to hop on the trolley. Several of us got to ride on the running board. It was fun. It was also slightly dangerous, especially being on the left side next to oncoming traffic. Anytime we passed oncoming trolleys or cars the conductor would shout "Lean in, left side!" and we would try to lean into the car so we didn't hit anything.

Steep hills.

On the downward slope towards Fisherman's Wharf. (That's Alcatraz out there in the Bay).

I was very bad about taking people pictures (as usual)--but Christina did better. Here's one she took of Cori, Breanna and me checking out the area around Fisherman's Wharf.

Boats near Fisherman's Wharf.

One of the ships at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

We stopped by Ghirardelli Square a couple times. The square used to contain a chocolate factory and still has multiple Ghirardelli shops on the property.

We didn't buy this 5 lb. chocolate bar (though we did buy chocolate!), but it's pretty impressive, isn't it?

Tasty clam chowder at Capurro's. 

Exploring Pier 39.

The weather was really wonderful! Perfect for seeing the Golden Gate bridge from the end of Pier 39.

Alcatraz. We didn't get to go on the tour, but I hope if I get to go back to San Fran that I can do that.

The musical steps at Pier 39.

We trekked back from Fisherman's Wharf into the North Beach neighborhood on a quest to see Lombard Street (the curvy street).

I loved the houses in North Beach!

I noticed a lot of scooters in San Fran.

Lombard Street. The curvy portion is at the very top (you can hardly see it in this picture). We were a tad crazy and walked to the top. 

You know it's a steep street when they have to add an extra triangular piece to the bottom of the garage!

Looking up the curvy section of Lombard.

Looking across to Coit Tower.

Cars weaving their way down Lombard.

Looking down Hyde Street at Ghirardelli Square and the Bay.

After our hike up Lombard, it was time for a treat at the Ghirardelli ice cream shop.

(Photo credit to Christina)

Last stop--In-N-Out.

(Also Christina's picture)

It was a great trip. Thanks, Breanna and Cori, for joining us!