Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter is Hummingbird Season

Hello, dear readers! It's been too long, I know... The December photo challenge was a great way to get me blogging more often (thanks, Missy!) and since it's been over, I've had trouble staying motivated to photograph things. Life is not very eventful right now.

In my last post I showed some of our backyard birds. Hummingbirds make up part of our backyard population, too--especially, believe it or not, during the winter. Other places I've lived, I thought of hummingbirds as summer birds, but here we have a breed that stays year long. They're called Anna's hummingbirds we have quite a few around our house. They're pretty territorial little things and we often see them perched in a tree near a feeder, seemingly watching over their corner of the yard.

This one is using a window feeder. That circle in the foreground is a suction cup. The window feeder makes a pretty good place to photograph the hummingbirds up close. 

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  1. How fun to catch hummingbirds still! That is a rarity.