Thursday, December 20, 2012

Outside Christmas Lights

Hem...if this photo challenge were an assignment receiving a grade, I would probably not be doing very well. But the purpose is to have fun, right? So, despite being behind and having some gaps in my list, I'll press on with the next topic that presented itself. 
Last week I came home to find one of those lighted reindeer in the yard. In past years I've made it clear that I like these things, and my parents decided to buy one for me. It was very sweet of them! We've had a running discussion about whether it's tacky or tasteful, but regardless I've enjoyed seeing it out there.


  1. We've been enjoying all the Christmas photos!

  2. regarding tacky or tasteful... in my opinion it depends on the surroundings. Often, those light-up deer are joined by all those blow-up santas and snowmen and other large decorations, which are usually tacky, but I really enjoy the deer when they are artfully displayed, often surrounded by other lights in trees and bushes, keeping it simple :)