Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[Peace] + [Winter Wonderland]

Today was a different kind of Christmas for us. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we really did Christmas earlier this month. Christina is away having her own adventure right now, so Mom, Dad, and I did some low-key things. In the afternoon we took a little drive into the Gorge and up Wind River Road. As we drove, the snow increased, until we were inside the National Forest and it really was a winter wonderland!

We came to a dead end at Government Mineral Springs, where we found a plow truck working to keep the road clear.

We got out to look around a little bit. Once the plow truck was gone, it was almost entirely silent. You know that stillness that sets in after a good snow? I hadn't experienced that in a long time. Total quiet...peace.

We didn't stay long (we weren't really prepared to!). On our way home, the snow was beginning to fall thickly.

The view across into Oregon from the Bridge of the Gods.

Merry Christmas!

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