Monday, May 11, 2009

The Coast

So I have proved false my own prediction that I wouldn't post until school was over--two weeks left, by the way.
Christina and I got to go to the coast with friends on Memorial Day. It was gorgeous out there, and I was in photography heaven! So this post, like many, is really just going to be pictures.

First stop--the dock in Astoria

And this is why we went there...
There really were a ton of seals, making a lot of noise--it was pretty cool. I think it probably gets old if you live Astoria, though.

Next we went to Cannon Beach.

There's a rocky kind of shoulder that sticks out into the ocean on the north end of the beach, and we found a rough little trail that went all the way up and clear out to the end of the shoulder. It was entirely worth the short climb.

Looking north at another beach.

Looking south at Cannon Beach.

We walked out to the beach again around sunset, and though it was really too hazy for much of a sunset, it was still pretty.

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