Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sol Duc Hot Springs

After North Cascades, our next stop was Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort in the Olympic National Park. We were all pretty excited about sleeping in a cabin with beds and a shower. The drive from NCNP to ONP was very pretty. As we left NCNP, we stopped at a breathtaking waterfall. To view it, you had to walk onto a grated bridge, under which the river was rushing--kind of scary.

The drive took us across an island and included a ferry ride, which was pretty cool. Once we got to ONP, we had to drive down a winding little road to the resort. There's really nothing else in the area, just the resort and a ranger station. After showers and dinner at the restaurant, we tried the hot spring pools. They were like giant hot tubs; very relaxing, though you had to get past the sulfur smell.

We were blessed with beautiful weather. The next morning we enjoyed a pure blue sky, not very common for the Olympic Peninsula, I guess.

This is our cabin, which faced the Sol Duc River.

Along the the river bank there were these sturdy, rustic swings. It was so nice just to sit and watch the river rush by, and swing. By the time we left we were convinced we should get some, too!

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