Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A side note about small towns...

As we drove to and from North Cascades, we enjoyed the rural scenery, including a car with a tree growing out of the hood. Actually, I didn't see it, other family members did, but there were a lot of similar sights on the road. Living in a larger town like we do, you often miss out on the fun, quirky things that make small towns what they are. Throughout our trip I enjoyed driving through little places like Concrete, Marblemount, Newhalem, Spoons, and Humptulips (we never did decide exactly how to say that). There's a special flavor to small towns.

This is the kind of restaurant you don't often find in larger towns. Honest, to the point, and unencumbered by efforts to compete with the burger-joint a couple blocks down the street.

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