Thursday, September 4, 2014

Paradise Creek

Well, it's September now, but I'm finally posting those promised pictures of Paradise Creek! I hope you like pictures of trees and creeks...that's mostly what I've got! I had a great time running around with my camera taking pictures of those two things. :-)

I love moss, too.

This was our cozy camping spot.

We took a short hike along Falls Creek. This is Falls Creek Falls (I know, it's a really original name).

Looking back at the falls from the trail. You can actually get a better idea of how big it is from further away.

A little suspension bridge that crosses Falls Creek.

This is Paradise Creek, which we camped next to.

I had fun using my new tripod to take long exposure shots to catch the movement of the creek. 

These shots are for my dad. He challenged me to take shots of the water bugs sitting on the surface of the water. 

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  1. Beautiful!!! You are quite the photographer, Ashley - feels like I am right there! Looks like you all had great fun!