Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Critique Club!

The past several weeks I've been participating in an online photography critique club hosted by IPS (you may remembering me talking about the IPS workshop I participated in a couple years ago). It's been a fun, stretching experience. Each week, I and the other participants are required to take a picture that somehow relates to a non-visual topic that has been assigned. There's always a technical requirement, too. After submitting our pictures on our Facebook group page, we all critique each other's picture. Then, at the end of the week, our instructor critiques them live on a webinar session.  I've posted the pictures from the first three weeks below. Go ahead and give them your own critique!

Week 1: Character, using color.

Week 2: Temperature, using light and shadow.

Week 3: Smell, using edge tension.

I'll probably post pictures for the last three weeks later this month. I look forward to learning and improving more!

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  1. Now I can see what you meant about your "color" photo. Very expressive. :)