Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gillette Lake

For Memorial Day we joined some friends on a hike to Gillette Lake in the Gorge, not far from Bonneville Dam. It was a fun day! The weather was fairly good, and it was just fun to have some time to catch up and hang out together.

The wildflowers were blooming and everything looked so lush and green! I generally just take pictures of the flowers, without considering what they are, but I thought I'd mention their names this time. (Thanks to Caitlin, who identified most of these for me.)

Salal flowers

I love ferns!

Caitlin and Christina coming down the trail. 

Red columbine


Our destination--Gillette Lake! It's a fairly small lake, but has a nice greenish-blue color. We had lunch on that little beach you can see on the back left side.

The creek that feeds into Gillette Lake.

Random. I know.


Our whole group--fifteen in all.

Looking down on Gillette Lake from the trail as we headed back to the cars.

The northern inside-out flower. I like the pearly sheen the flowers have.

The view from the back of our long line.

A train tunnel near the parking lot.

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