Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunset at Cape Disappointment

Last weekend we got to camp for a night at Cape Disappointment State Park. I know, the name just begs for  comments ("Why would you go there if it's disappointing?"), but really, it's a great park. I'm sure my opinion is influenced by the fact that both times we've gone there the weather was wonderful. We stayed in one of the sites right next to the beach. It takes just a minute or two to walk through the trees and bushes onto the beach. I had a great time with my cameras (my digital SLR and Dad's old film one, just to play with). Here's some of my favorite shots from the evening we got there.

Unofficial trail to the beach

Someone did a very nice job making this driftwood shelter--it even had a bench at the back.

Investigating an old abandoned boat.

North Head Lighthouse

So you're probably  wondering, "What is that?" It's actually a bug that got its wings wet and was stuck in the sand. Somehow it could manage to crawl around and make this fascinating design.

The sunset was so beautiful!

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