Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Church Camp at Cape Lookout

Last week we went to Cape Lookout State Park for our church's annual camp-out.  This was our second year going to Cape Lookout--it has a nice campground with a great group site right next to the beach.  It was such a luxury to just walk out onto the beach any time we wanted to.  Here's some of my favorite shots from the days we were there.
I really liked the way these trees were lit up by the sunset on our first night there. This was just off to the side of our campsite.

Sunset on day one.

Sunrise on day two.  The tide was out and the reflections in the water left on the beach were so pretty.

 Off on the southern end of the beach, the cliffs come out towards that water, and there's lots of little sea creatures living on them. It's my favorite place to walk to at Cape Lookout.

Sunset on day two.

On day three, the clouds never really burned off.  Apparently there was a little cloud bank settled right over the Cape Lookout area.  Back in Tillamook where we got ice cream, it was a lovely day. 
That evening Christina and I explored a little sand bar during low tide. 
Looking back from the sand bar.

Definitely no sunset!

Water caught between the beach and the sandbar.

Really, despite the clouds, we couldn't complain.  It never rained, which was a real blessing.  The next morning, we woke up to yet another beautiful day.  I'm glad we had those days at the beach to enjoy God's creation and spend time with families from church.   

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  1. Oh, beach shots, amen. One of my all-time favorites right there. :)