Saturday, July 3, 2010

In the Gorge

After seeing the Coast on Friday, we took Uncle Dan's family to the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday.  If the weather was a bit cool and cloudy on Friday, it was just perfect on Saturday.  It was lovely and sunny all day.  First we took them to Beacon Rock and everyone hiked to the top.      

I just love this little arch in one of the rock walls on the way up.  I have no idea why they built this little arch there, but it just begs to have pictures taken through it. 

Uncle Dan, Aunt Rita, and family at the top. 

Our second stop was Multnomah Falls.  It was really crowded, as I guess we should have expected it to be on a sunny Saturday in the summer.      

We debated whether or not we should hike to the top of the falls. After all, we had already done Beacon Rock. In the end we did go up to the top.  Everyone hung in there quite well.  The sign at the bottom says it's only a mile to the top, but it feels like more than that.  Getting to look over the edge of the drop-off where the falls begin makes it worth it, though. 

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  1. hmm... we're debating whether the Multmoah Falls hike was really worth it. :) But it was worth it to be with you!