Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday on the Coast

In the 2 1/2 weeks that I've been home we've had visits from both sides of the family.  When your grandma lives in the Midwest and all of your aunts and uncles live on the East Coast, that's a really big deal.  First my Grandma (Dad's side) came to visit.  This was her third year coming to visit us in June and we enjoyed having her here with us for a few days.  She was able to see Christina play at her flute recital, which was really nice. 

After Grandma left, my Uncle Dan's family (Mom's side) arrived to spend a few days with us.  This was the first time our cousins had been out  to the West Coast, so they wanted to see some of the sights.  On Friday we took them to the Coast.  Our first stop was Cannon Beach.  It was a cool and cloudy morning on the Coast, but I think it's always pretty there, even when the weather isn't the best.  We walked down the beach to Haystack Rock, talking and playing Frisbee as we went.     

I will probably be taking pictures of Haystack Rock for the rest of my life.  I don't think it would matter if I finally got one amazing shot of it that outdid every other one I had ever taken of it--I would still have to take a picture of it whenever I saw it again.

 Our family--photo credit to Uncle Dan.

Left to right--Janelle, Jeannine, Joanna, Julia, Aunt Rita, Uncle Dan, Jason, and Jessica.

We snagged someone passing by on the beach to take a group picture of all twelve of us.

Jason photographs the big rock.

I love the beach cottages on the Coast.  This one looks so picturesque.

After spending some time at Cannon Beach we drove south to the Tillamook Factory, which Uncle Dan particularly requested to visit.  It was a good way to wrap up the day.  They were having an advertising campaign outside the factory, with a Tillamook employee passing out little metal pins next to this cute little van.

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