Friday, April 16, 2010

I Must Be Acclimating

When I checked my little weather gadget on my computer today, I was surprised at what it showed for today.  Right now it shows 68 degrees.  When I saw that, I had some thought of "I wonder if I'll need a sweater when I go out today."  Sure enough, when I opened the front door to go out and get some groceries, a coolish breeze was blowing.  I decided  to skip the sweater, but I did comment to Anna "It's chilly today!"  She agrees--this is like January and February weather for Hawaii, cloudy and "cool." 

Well, all that to say, I think I'm adjusting to Hawaii weather.  At home we would call 68 a nice, warm day.  Here its chilly.  80 is the perfect temperature! 

1 comment:

  1. You're going to be pretty chilly when you get back home. ;) It was a sunny 70 degrees here on Sunday, but now we're back to the 40s/50s.

    Thanks for keeping everyone updated on your trip; it is a joy to read your posts, and I look forward to your return. :)