Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday on the Windward Side

Today we went to church on the other side of the island.  Just getting to the other side is a beautiful drive through lush mountains.  The church is a good PCA church, in some ways similar to Westminster, in some ways different.  It's nice to go to a different church, just to remember that we have brothers and sisters in many places and that we all share a common bond in Christ.  After church we went to a small group at the home of a family from church.  They live on a kind of peninsula, so we stopped by the beach on one side of it before we got there.

Their house is right on the beach on the other side of the peninsula.  Prepare to be amazed--the last picture here was taken from their back yard!

It was a good day, enjoying church and Christian fellowship in an amazing place.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting, Ashley! I know we all look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you via the "net". It truly is a gift to worship elsewhere once in a while - being reminded of God's people all around this planet. So... do you need more help ? I know a mom and two daughters who would love to lend hands, feet, whatever..... :)