Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is here

It's amazing how suddenly fall comes. It seems like one day we're all outside in flip-flops, and then the next day we're bundling up in sweaters and getting back into our school-year routines. At least, three of us have school routines in our family. Christina and I are both doing courses with Whitefield College (check out their website if your not familiar with it). Now that she's done with teaching me, Mom's studying to be a counselor, so she's doing "school," too. I'm only taking two courses, so I still have half the day to do other things.

Our family took a last camping trip of the season this past weekend. We went to Paradise Creek, one of our favorite spots. It was cloudy, which turned out to be a blessing, because otherwise it might have been really cold. Instead, the temperature stuck around 58 degrees. Here's a few shots I took around the creek and the campground.

We found this sulphur shelf fungus near one of the campsites. (Thanks for looking it up, Caitlin!) I find it amazing what wild colors these things come in.

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