Sunday, October 2, 2016

Labor Day on the Coast

Here is a smattering of pictures from our Labor Day camping trip to the Coast. We stayed at Beverly Beach State Park--a new spot for me. We were blessed with really wonderful weather (not at all a guaranteed thing in September!).  These pictures don't cover the whole trip, but they do show some of the things I ended up capturing with my "big camera" at different spots. As usual, I was pretty terrible about taking people shots, but we enjoyed spending the weekend with very dear friends. Most of these pictures were taken while exploring the area with Christina and Caitlin.

The lovely view from the Otter Crest lookout. The long stretch of beach in the background is the Beverly Beach area. And the little spit of land just a bit nearer to the camera is Devil's Punch Bowl.

And here's Devil's Punch Bowl itself. The ocean was calm the day we were there, but I think if we had been there when the ocean was rougher, we would have seen water spraying up out of this hole.

Christina enjoying the sunset at Beverly Beach.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse (as seen from Cobble Beach).

This is the view looking out from Cobble Beach. Do you see the little spots in the water on the left and the lumps on the rocks? Those are seals! (Well, there's some birds on the rocks, too.)

Tiny treasures in the tide pools at Cobble Beach! 

(That's Christina on the left checking out a tide pool.)

Looking down at Cobble Beach. 

We also checked out Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which is a bit south in Newport. The lighthouse there is on top of the keeper's house. This is the view out the front door of the keeper's house.

Anyway, there's a few shots from our time at the Coast. Next up is pictures from our time on Orcas Island!

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  1. These are beautiful, Ashley! Makes me feel like I was right there as well. I very much enjoy gazing at your lovely photos - keep taking those little get-aways. Keep taking those gorgeous pictures!