Friday, June 12, 2015


This was our first destination after landing at Gatwick Airport.

Here's the quick facts:

Where we stayed: Bath YMCA (inexpensive, clean, and safe)
Why we (I) wanted to come: Jane Austen!
Major sights we visited: Roman Baths, the Pump Room, Bath Abbey
Great discovery: the free Mayor's Corp of Honorary Guides walking tour!

We came to straight to Bath by train after landing at Gatwick in the morning. The key was to push ourselves through the whole afternoon before we crashed!

First stop: Afternoon tea at the Pump Room.

Next stop: the Roman Baths, which are right next to the Pump Room. They were quite interesting and our first opportunity to use the UK's most common feature of historical sights: the audio guide. :-)

Original Roman lead pipe once used to fill the baths!

That's Bath Abbey to the left, and the Baths to the the right.

The next morning we did a lot of walking, first on our own and then on a free guided tour. Christina has a friend who lives in England, and we enjoyed meeting up with her and her family for part of the morning. 

 Pulteney Bridge and the River Avon

The beautiful interior of Bath Abbey

We got to see two very famous groups of row-houses in Bath.
The Crescent

The Circus

In the afternoon we lugged our over-packed suitcases to the train station and headed off to our next destination--London!

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