Sunday, April 19, 2015

Camas Lilly Fields

Hi blog readers! Do you know what happened today? I took pictures! With my "real" camera! It's been a while. Today we took advantage of the sunny weather to go to our favorite place for "mini hikes," Lacamas Lake Park. I want to think my dear friend Kathy for posting her own lovely pictures on Facebook recently, thereby reminding me that the Camas lilies were in bloom. I've gone to see them at least once before, but I don't remember it being so impressive--I think they were fading by the time we went before.

There is a particular area at Lacamas Lake Park where the Camas lilies grow. These little meadows are simply covered with them!

...but there are other pretty flowers, too, like this wild iris. 

...and lots of white fawn lilies. 

An added bonus, also thanks to Kathy's inspiration:this lovely waterfall, hidden back in the park, that we had never been to before! 

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  1. Great pictures, Ashley. The lilies are stunning right now! I like your picture of the waterfall. Deana felt she shouldn't get to the bottom of the falls so glad to see how it looks. Thanks for sharing!