Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More adventures in the kitchen

 This time, I was not the cook, but a recipe that requires a butane torch seems like it ought to be blogged about.
While our family doesn't really have any particular Easter traditions, we usually get a ham from the Honey-Baked store. Quite simply, they taste the best. This year, Mom wondered whether we couldn't avoid the hassle of going to the Honey-Baked store and save some money by finding a copy-cat recipe and doing it ourselves. I think she did a great job. It may not have tasted exactly like the hams from Honey-Baked, but it was quite good in its own right. So here was the process.

First, cook it in the oven while basting it...

Then glaze it...

Now for the exciting part! Mom and Dad fired up the butane torch, and Mom ran it over the ham to set up the glaze. It was a little bit like the process for melting the sugar on creme brulee.

The finished product.

If you're interested in giving a recipe like this a try, you can find lots of versions of it by doing a simple Google search. The particular one Mom used is here.

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