Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Senior Pictures for Christina

June marked a major milestone in my sister Christina's life--a few weeks ago she completed her final courses for a bachelor's degree from Whitefield College, majoring in philosophy. I'm very proud of her! She's worked hard on this for years and has been a very dedicated student. Okay, almost everyone says something like, "Philosophy...wow... what is she going to do with that?" Well, she got it more for the knowledge, rather than to prepare herself for a job. She enjoyed her studies, but she's glad to have this behind her now. We're waiting to see where God takes her next.

As part of graduating, Christina wanted to get some on-location (non-studio) "senior pictures," because she only got Penney's studio portraits when she graduated from high school. And she was willing to let me take them, so I got some great opportunities to continue practicing with portraiture. These were taken at Lewisville Park. It's such a great place for doing portraits! We went on a weekday morning and it wasn't crowded, which was really nice.   

Christina has played flute for quite a few years now, so she wanted some shots of her with/playing her flute. 


  1. Tell her congratulations for me! Great portraitureing by the way(I think I just invented that word). ;)

  2. Great pictures, Ashley! I hope to meet your sister, sometime!