Saturday, October 2, 2010

McKenzie Head

We only spent one night at Cape Disappointment, but I guess I was kind of "snap-happy," so here's post number three.

North Head in the morning

On our way out of the park we stopped by McKenzie Head. It's a significant site for Lewis and Clark history. They camped in this area when they reached the Pacific Ocean. There's a nice memorial at the bottom of the trail up McKenzie Head.   

From the top of McKenzie Head you can see the little triangle of land that goes out towards the north jetty for the Columbia. That was pretty neat, but I think the bunker behind the view point is equally interesting. Apparently, this was one of the places where they kept guns stationed during World War II to protect the mouth of the Columbia. The bunker is open and you can walk around inside. However, it's extremely dark in there so we didn't explore very much. I'd like to go back with a flashlight.

Partway down the trail there is another old building that must have had some purpose related to the bunker. I'm fascinated by old buildings and I like to photograph them, so we had to go investigate a little.

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