Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy days

The weeks have been full, and my time here is quickly coming to a close.  One of the things I have enjoyed has been meeting new people.  Anna has friends both in the EOD shop (where her husband works) and at church.  I've had a good number of opportunities to get to know some of them better over the  past week or so, from a Memorial Day barbecue, to a Mary Kay party, to a church potluck. 
 Saturday I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for some friends from "the shop" down at the beach.  I'm always glad for opportunities to practice taking portraits, and this family was very understanding about me still being new at it.  That day I also got to meet a friend of mine from the church at the swap meet.  The swap meet is kind of flea market.  The locals have little stands there for all kinds of souvenirs and local products.  The rows of stands wrap around the sides of a stadium.  It's fun, and the deals are good, but it also gets very hot walking around out there. 
Sunday Anna's church had their "potluck at the beach" (doesn't every church wish they could have one of those?).  It was another nice opportunity to spend time with folks from church.  The kids got to play together out on the beach.  Here's a couple pics from that.  

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