Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Colville 2008

This will be my fourth year joining the team from Westminster on our annual trip to the Colville Indian Reservation. I can't believe that we're going for the fourth time! One thing I have learned is that every year is different--new challenges, new opportunities, new relationships. However, one thing remains the same--we are going in order to bring Christ to the people of the Colville reservation through whatever means God provides. The ways we seek to do this include everything from a friendly smile, to a brand new woodshed, to a heart-to-heart conversation. It seems that we normally end up receiving more than we give. It's a blessing simply get to know our own team members better, not to mention making new friendships with those that we meet on the reservation. Every trip is certainly an adventure.

...and it's less than two weeks away!


  1. nice blog ashley! welcome to the blogging world! it's fun isn't it?


  2. Thanks! I'm definitely enjoying it!